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What started out as a bit of a hobby is starting to grow into something else!

Black Hakka Media is my creative outlet!

It is the part of Xterra Adventures responsible for the production of DVD's and photos for our clients, as well as my personal photography.  Over the years, I have been taking photos and making short movies of kayak trips for our school clients as well as our personal holidays.  It is something that I enjoy doing, and while I am definitely not a professional, I am improving.  As a result, this is slowly taking on a life of it's own, so I thought I had better give it a name......Black Hakka Media (the name isn't as sinister as it sounds.....Hakka is my nickname, given to me by a guy I used to play soccer with many years ago).

The aim of Black Hakka Media is to produce DVD's for our school, corporate or individual clients, showcasing their experiences with Xterra Adventures.  Further than that, it is the vehicle I use to further my photographic skills and hopefully showcase some of my better efforts.  Remember, a  photo is like art - the beauty is in the eye of the beholder........so please don't be too harsh on me!

The cost to film and produce a DVD varies depending on what you want, for eg.  a 20 minute DVD involves a lot more work than a 2 minute DVD and will cost a bit more. I also have photographs available for purchase here.  You can buy a greeting card, poster, small print, large framed print, phone case or iPad case (among other things) of my photos on the site.  As I am starting out, the prices are very reasonable....so please have a look and see if one of my photos would fill that gap on your lounge room wall!

You can also check out our facebook page.....don't forget to click 'LIKE' so you don't miss out on the weekly photo updates.

Let us know what you want and we can quote a price for you.



We use a range of camera's to get the best of any given situation.  Taking stills on land is accomplished with a DSLR camera, video on land is filmed with our GoPro Hero HD 2 & 3 cameras, while we use our GoPros for both video and stills on and under the water. All of these cameras are capable of filming in HD for nice clear videos.